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AeroMexico Inflight Simulator Depicts Flat Earth Model

I recently had the pleasure of flying to / from Mexico City from Vancouver with AEROMEXICO and discovered their on-board flight 'simulator' is perfectly synced to the flat earth model.

In the first screenshot the light from the very small Sun has just reached (risen) in Vancouver (depart time 0700). Note the Sun's light is still shining upon Western Europse and Africa. In the 2nd shot the Sun has "moved" further west and the light has disappeared from Western Europe and Africa as the flight arrives Mexico City (1:30 pm local).

The third and fourth screenshots are of my return flight to Vancouver. In these shots the Sun is portrayed even further west and the light is about to disappear (set) in the Americas at lift-off from Mexico City (5:30 pm) and is over Asia upon arrival in Vancouver (9:30 pm), leaving the Americas in the dark. Just as it should be.

You will also note at the bottom of their simulator is a WALL OF WHITE and not a Pole. Bravo Aero Mexico, serving tens of thousands of passengers daily with the Flat Facts. The Sun, Moon and Stars move over the stationery Earth like a perfectly tuned Swiss watch, in perfect harmony ..

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