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The claim is that the Earth is a perfect sphere with a radius of 3958.8 miles. If correct, then some simple math suggests a curvature of 7.85" per mile, or  66.6 feet over 10 miles. If you're new here and have yet to do these calculations yourself you can click the calculator here >>

You can also visit NASA's fact sheet

The Bible suggests an alternate theory of the Earth's shape. 

Here's The Bet: 

The Earth is a flat plane at a distance of 10 miles (or 100 square miles) and the alleged curvature of 66.6 feet over 10 miles is a horrible LIE! 

1. Determine your risk level and then contact us (Steven) via email, and advise that you seek to wager $20, or $2000, or anything in between;
2. We will immediately send you an email funds transfer equivalent to your wager and ask that you do the same. Both parties will retain the "clue" to the release of the funds until it is agreed by both parties that there is a clear winner. The email notices from both banks will constitute intent and be recognized as an electronic handshake;
3. We will then share a simple two-word term which suggests that the Earth's curvature is not to be considered for engineering projects.   
4. You will have 72 hours to verify the term and to corroborate and verify the meaning of this term with any professional engineer, professor, teacher, priest, lawyer, or "expert" of your choosing;
5. Upon confirmation of the term’s meaning, we believe you will accept without hesitation that you have surely been deceived about the Earth’s true shape;

6. Hopefully you will release to us the clue to your email funds transfer and consider it money well spent.
7. You will now possess the smoking gun evidence that Galileo Lied and that the Earth is level, like the sea.

8. Extend the very same terms to someone you care about (and maybe win your money back?)

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