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Astronaut Chris Hadfield Reveals Space is FAKE and The Earth is FLAT!

Updated: May 25, 2023

Has Canada's most famous pilot and former ISS Commander, and one of NASA's most prolific space propagandists, quietly transitioned to the truth movement and become a"flat earther?" I believe so. But like so many pilots, engineers, theologians, and even other NASA Astronauts, Chris Hadfield is afraid to speak the truth for fear of being cancelled and labeled a radical "conspiracy theorist." So to counter those who cancel, I believe Chris has chosen to covertly reveal the truth by using his guitar and his camera, the two instruments that have elevated his celebrity status far beyond that of an ordinary ex-Astronaut. So I invite you to play along and encourage you to HEAR and SEE what Chris Hadfield has recently shared with millions of his adoring fans.

Chris Hadfield was recruited into the NASA space program in 1992 at the tender age of 33, his crowning achievement coming in 2010 when NASA appointed him the first Canadian Commander of the International Space Station and leader of Expedition 35, which docked at the International Space Station on December 21st 2012, and where he spent 5 months circling the Earth every 90 minutes. Previously, Hadfield served in a wide variety of roles, most notably as NASA's chief CAPCOM (capsule communicator) for 25 space shuttle missions. He also served as the Director of Operations for NASA at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonnaut Training Center, and as Chief of Robotics for the NASA Astronaut Office at the Johnson Space Center, and as the Commander of the NEEMO 14 mission aboard the Aquaria Underwater Laboratory.

Needless to say, Hadfield is uniquely familiar with all of NASA's most intricate systems and protocols, and especially their propaganda -- perhaps more so than any other living Astronaut.

So about a decade ago, while speeding through "space" at 28,000 mph aboard the ISS, Chris performed a duet with Ed Robertson of The Bare Naked Ladies and the Wexford Gleeks (Canada's first ever National Showchoir Champions). Ed was on the ground, and Chris was in the Cuppola aboard the ISS. The performance was commissioned by the CBC (Canada's State Media) and The Coalition for Music Education along with the Canadian Space Agency, and was broadcast live throughout Canadian schools to impressionable young children gathered together in gymnasiums and music rooms across the country.

The song is entitled "Is Somebody Singing" and has garnered many millions of views on Youtube. If you have yet to see and hear the performance, I would encourage you to do it now.

Wasnt't that fun? Quite catchy and cheerful didnt you think? There's just one problem, there's no communication delay! Haven't we all been led to believe that communications between the ISS and Earth are delayed up to 11 seconds? So HOW does Chris manage to pick his guitar and sing alongside Ed and the Choir in perfect harmony, without any delay at all?

There are literally thousands of videos of various Astronauts (including Chris) over the years communicating from the ISS, and in every case there's a delay (or at least they pretend their is) between the speakers on each end. Here's a good example below; watch and listen to this conversation between President Trump and the Astronauts aboard the ISS, at approximently Min 1:50 , after addressing the two astronauts and awaiting their reply, Mr. Trump is reminded that there's "about a 5 second delay" ..

Trump's facial expressions during this back-and-forth with the Astronauts are revealing he knows this is all an act. Watch at Minute 2:14 where he flips the bird on camera. Just awesome!

So how does this musical event reveal Chris Hadfield is on the side of truth? Let's return to Hadfield's resume'. Remember, Hadfield was Chief CAPCOM (capsule communicator) for 25 space shuttle missions and is most familiar with the communication delays between Earth and the ISS (as pretend as they may be). Additionally, Hadfield himself conducted numerous interviews from the ISS and in every case, there was at least a few seconds delay between when the words were spoken and when they were heard, as was the case here when Chris spoke live from the ISS with students of the Canadian National Film Board's Space School. And, at the time of his musical performance, Chris was the Commander of the ISS, the man in charge of setting-up all of the details and protocols for the event from space So did Mr. Hadfield suspend the laws of physics for this performance? Doubtful. Or, perhaps Chris completely forgot that he wasn't actually in "space" and that nobody would remember all of the previous ocassions he communicated from the ISS where he pretended there was a communication delay? Doubtful. Or, perhaps there is another explanation that I'm missing, and that all us radical flat earthers are missing, and Chris can explain it to us all, like we're fifth graders? I highly doubt that as well.

The most plausible explanation, in my opinion, is that Chris Hadfield knew exactly what he was doing, and growing very tired of the lies, and on his last mission aboard the ISS, and being the man in command of the ISS, he staged an event that would reveal that the communications delays between Earth and the ISS are an ACT, and that by default, the "space station" itself is FAKE, phony, and false!

And perhaps Ed from The Bare Naked Ladies was in on it? And good on him if he was!

Now onto Exhibit II.

So besides being an accomplished musician, Chris Hafdield has garnered world-wide recognition for the amazing photos of Earth he took while aboard the ISS. Many of Chris' best photos appear on his own website, but the most compelling of them is the one he published in his own book, An Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth, and the one he placed right at the Centerfold.

This one; here it is just as it appears in his Book:

Here is the same photo removed from the book, the pages taped together at the seam, and then re-captured and enlarged slightly (with a Samsung S20 Ultra):

And here is the photo in color:

Now to an untrained eye, one that is not focused, or perhaps one that has been trained to see curvature from birth, the crease at the center of Chris' book could provide the illusion of curvature, as the two pages roll softly upwards and extend towards each of the outer edges. To an eye that is focused however, and that is attached to a mind that is curious, the reality of this photo is clear; the horizon is completely LEVEL and Flat, for miles and miles and miles!

So once again, did Chris Hadfield forget he was a highly paid NASA Astronaut for three decades with a mandate to sell and support the theory of a perfectly round Earth with a radius of 3959 miles? Not likely. Or perhaps Chris simply forgot to attach his fish-eye lens to his camera before taking this photo? Being a very accomplished photographer, I doubt that as well.

I believe that Chris Hadfield knew exactly what he was doing, and growing very weary of seeing flat but selling round, and tired of the lies, he deliberately placed this amazing photo within his own book, and strategically at the centerfold, where space groupies wouldn't notice, but where the curious (myself and others) would eventually see it and appreciate it, and share it!

Folks, Chris Hadfield wants the world to SEE what he has seen, level and flat! Obviously.

Today, Chris Hadfield continues to tweet and blog about NASA missions, and about SpaceX rockets, and he continues to sign his books and speak publicly about his experiences. But Mr. Hadfield knows the truth and just like so many Astronauts before him, he has revealed it in his own subtle way, a less offensive method that has yet to jeopardize his career, or his cash cow, nor cause him the stress and ridicule that would cancel his celebrity status should he ever actually speak the truth.

Bravo Chris!

Steven J. Merrill operates this blog and can be reached via email at

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'It is my theory that Chris Hadfield, Canada's most famous pilot and former ISS Commander, and one of NASA's most prolific space... ' Given you have a very limited grasp on English and are obviously not only a science illiterate but are also seriously inexperienced your claims can safely dismissed as total codswallop.

'tender age of 33,' You have a rather dubious understanding of what that means.


“An interactive FORTRAN program that provides the user with a powerful and flexible tool for the linearization of aircraft aerodynamic models is documented in this report. The program LINEAR numerically determines a linear system model using nonlinear equations of motion and a user-supplied linear or nonlinear aerodynamic model. The nonlinear equations of motion used are six-degree-of-freedom equations with stationary atmosphere and flat, nonrotating earth assumptions. The system model determined by LINEAR consists of matrices for both the state and observation equations. The program has been designed to allow easy selection and definition of the state, control, and observation variables to be used in a particular model.”

“Within the program, the nonlinear equations of motion include 12 states representing a…


NASA's Reference Publication #1207. The fact used to support the flat Earth belief is the statement "This report documents the derivation and definition of a linear aircraft model for a rigid aircraft of constant mass flying in a stationary atmosphere over a flat, nonrotating Earth."

The cultists do their usual bit of deceit by missing out bits and using just "This report documents the derivation and definition of a linear aircraft model for aircraft flying over a flat, nonrotating Earth."

The deceit being that aircraft are not rigid nor of constant mass and the atmosphere is not stationary.


NASA's Reference Publication #1207. I read it years, decades ago, being a professional navigator. Did you actually understand what the paper was about? Did you understand the maths and physics?

The reason for the rider in the paper is to prevent any criticism that it did not represent the real world. Why did you not highlight that fact?

Do you understand what linear modelling is, do you? It means it is a subclass of models for which substantial reduction in the complexity of the related statistical theory is possible. i.e. the complexity of the model is considerably reduced by making certain assumptions which in the extremely limited context of the specific model can be ignored. Why did you not highlight…


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