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Does Gravity Curve Microwaves?

We had a 'friend' send us this press release the other day; a company called Exalt Wireless recently announced (2016) that their "ExploreAir LR 7 GHz microwave systems (has) been used to establish a reliable, high-speed link spanning what it believes is a record-breaking 235 kilometers over water." Interesting ... just more truth in plane view. Here's the link to PR https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2016/02/08/965626/0/en/Exalt-Sets-New-World-Record-for-Microwave-Link-Distance.html?fbclid=IwAR02XrT3f22HNRbO30nGFshbDitQ04N8Vfx5w88EyW1LAH4m0vCv4lFOLuQ


After setting about in 2015 to debunk the 'flat earth' claims of a friend, I found it fascinating that I could not. There are numerous experiments anyone can do that proves the Earth is not curved 7.85 inches per mile squared, however for those unwilling, or afraid to do any research themself, The Bible Bet  provides verifiable, irrefutable, smoking gun evidence the Earth is not a planet but a plane, with one simple phone call!  


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