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Is The Canadian Space Agency Sharing the Flat Facts?

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

A recent tweet (January 29th) from the current Canuck (David St. Jacques) aboard the ISS includes a 33 second video from 'space' of Earth's very FLAT Horizon, and is eerily similar to the photograph revealed in Chris Hadfield's book (An Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth) which does the same. Both the Hadfield photo and the St Jacques video include the Moon in the distance, which may serve as a reference for the length of the visible horizon revealed in both frame. This space critic has wondered aloud how (or why?) the Hadfield photograph was published at all, unless someone (perhaps Hadfield himself) was sending some form of cryptic messsage with his camera -- Is Chris Hadfield A Flat Earther?

Even more interesting however is that the footage has been 'branded' by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA); note that the CSA / ASC logo has been positioned in the upper l/h corner, and that the video ends with the Government of Canada logo. The other "images" of Earth from space on the Twitter feed of David St. Jacques all portray a curved horizon consistent with the heliocentric model -- these pictures have not been branded by the Canadian Space Agency, and are, it appears, NASA "images."

Watch the video here:

Note that this critic believes the Moon moving in this image is CGI, and that the CGI has been overlayed on top of actual footage of the Earth from low Earth orbit, aka 'space' which we can see reveals a flat horizon, albeit shimmering through the atmosphere, and probably 'hazed up' a bit by a graphic artist?

So the question is ... does The Canadian Space Agency, or perhaps someone at the CSA, only wish to 'tag' the real photos and tapes consistent with the true cosmology of The Earth, and not attach themselves to the fake ball Earth images from NASA? And if so why?

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