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How is The Manhattan Point Lighthouse Visible from 13 Kilometers?

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Some of you may remember my experiment with the "P900" two summers ago, where I 'captured' the lighthouse at Manhattan Point (just north of the Kelowna Yacht Club) from the beach at Bertram Park almost 13 kilometers away. The lighthouse is 3.5 meters off the water's surface; the Earth's curvature at 13 kilometers (allegedly) is 7 meters. Well, we recently captured a shot of this same lighthouse looking back at Bertram Park, just for shits and giggles, and to prove again that all water (71% of the Earth's surface) is LEVEL, and to ask once again:

How is it possible that this lighthouse is visible if the Earth is a ball?

Here's the P900 in the water at Bertram Park, aimed north at The Bennett Bridge;

Below is view with the P900 zoomed about 50%;

Fully zoomed, the Red & White lighthouse (3.5 meters off surface) is clearly visible from 13 kilometers, right edge of photo, about half-way down. Here is the Earth curvature calculator with inputs of 1 meter and 13 kms:

And here's the lighthouse from the back-side, looking south towards the bridge and Bertram Park, for effect.

Here's the distance from Bertram Park to Manhattan Point, 13.01 kilometers, per Google Maps (sorry the digits aren't visible this is best I could get with screen print);

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13 comentários

Thanks for agreeing you are a charlatan.


Why is it that what you saw is only possibly under very specific atmospheric conditions?


18 de jun. de 2021

The Earth is flat!! with a solid blue dome over it and an ice wall clear around called Antarctica.

Respondendo a

"You would have to do research on your own. I suggest" learning how to navigate and navigating around the world, including a trip to Antarctica.


Why have you ignored refraction? Also, if a surface is flat, how does a point below your eye rise up to be above the base of an object resting on that same surface when the point is closer to you eye? Convergence in perspective means points more distant are raised more towards the vanishing point.

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