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Merchant Marine Confirms: "THE EARTH IS FLAT!"

Terrific interview with respected and logical Merchant Marine Captain ..

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So you accept you and your source are totally ignorant . OK.


What is the bearing of Polaris?

What is the present declination of Polaris?

What was the declination of Polaris in 1834?

What was the declination of Polaris in 1923?


As a Master Mariner FG I know that no navigator would ever claim Earth is flat.

Interesting that Bowditch's American Practical Navigator is cited, as publication that is all about a spheroidal Earth and celestial navigation around said Earth.

If you go to the linked video by Flat Earth, Banjo, USA, Japan and Brazil you will note :

If you can't find your comment below it's because it fell into one of the following categories listed:

☑️ It was useless " Who defines useless?

☑️ It was a personal attack or name calling or about my family" Does that include proving you are not telling the truth?

☑️ It was an appeal to authority or a straw man argument" Interesting…

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