Science is the Process of Elimination, through Experimentation

After sharing the many 'glitches' from the recent SpaceX event (especially the clip showing a mouse aboard Elon's rocket), a long-time acquaintance (and NASA groupie) suggested that I was "denying the science" (that the Earth is a spinning ball hurling through infinite space). I reminded him that "science" is the process of eliminating theories by conducting experiments, in the hope of drawing the most logical conclusion. I then suggested to this fellow (who has a background in photography and video editing) that he conduct a simple experiment himself, with his high-powered zoom lens.

The experiment below, which anyone can do, eliminates the theory that the Earth is 'shaped' 288 feet at 20 miles.

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After setting about in 2015 to debunk the 'flat earth' claims of a friend, I found it fascinating that I could not. There are numerous experiments anyone can do that proves the Earth is not curved 7.85 inches per mile squared, however for those unwilling, or afraid to do any research themself, The Bible Bet  provides verifiable, irrefutable, smoking gun evidence the Earth is not a planet but a plane, with one simple phone call!  


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