Settled Science, Really?

Most globalists will argue that the 'science' of a spinning ball Earth has long been settled, and that for many thousands of years all scholars, teachers, and professors have taught the globe model, right? Wrong. Just a few decades ago, it was intimated that the Head of the British Education Department (Sir John Gorst) should serve jail time for teaching the "damanable and heretical" doctrine that the Earth is a sphere. This newspaper clip from the Cook County Herald dated April 21, 1900 details the controversy. So were Britsh schools teaching the flat facts, a geocentric cosmology, per the Bible, just a few generations ago? It appears so ...

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After setting about in 2015 to debunk the 'flat earth' claims of a friend, I found it fascinating that I could not. There are numerous experiments anyone can do that proves the Earth is not curved 7.85 inches per mile squared, however for those unwilling, or afraid to do any research themself, The Bible Bet  provides verifiable, irrefutable, smoking gun evidence the Earth is not a planet but a plane, with one simple phone call!  


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