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When Will Elon tell NASA to "Go F@#! Themselves"?

Updated: Feb 2

Until recently, I did not believe Elon Musk paid much attention to transparency, or free markets, or the American people.

But his actions of late have been EPIC; Elon has helped expose the criminality in Ukraine, revealed the vaccines to be toxic, and has blown liberal minds by lighting up"old Twitter" as a cesspool of censorship used by the statists to rig the Trump elections. It's huge that he understands Bitcoin, but for me, I have been most encouraged by his comments about space looking "so ridicuous and impossible ... you can tell its real because it looks so fake" 

So as everyone following along now knows, after reconnecting Alex Jones to Twitter/X (all hail the speech czar), Elon sat down to speak with AJ right afterwards. The conversation shifts towards human civilazation, and how when it fails to collectively push forward, it is most likely to "collapse," as "stasis" is not an option. Elon agreed, and then added this: "I say we grow, and I say we expand, and that we have more humans, and we become a multi planet species in a space ranked civilisation, and ultimately, be out there among the stars."

Oh Elon, you do realize you have already shown us irrefutable evidence from Starship which proves the geocentric model? Of course you do. And with regard to eventually enabling life among the stars, you must first define what is a "star" if this experiment is to be legitimate.

If Elon is genuinely seeking to push the human condition forward (and avoid collapse), and committed to truth and transparency as he says he is, he must recognize that he is being guided by a higher power, and that it is imperative upon him to rise to the challenge and follow the truth and tell NASA to go fuck themselves. Today! And then follow-it-up with three more words,"check the tape!"

These words coming from Elon would start a cascade of much deeper human understanding, grounded in the facts of Earth's true and perfect cosmology!

Im praying that Elon will soon SAY what we can all SEE.

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