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Spinning Ball Right? 


Wanna Bet? 

“I saw a tree of great height at the centre of the earth; the tree grew and became strong, reaching with its top to the sky and visible to the earth’s farthest bounds.” (Daniel 4:10-11)

There are numerous experiments that debunk the theory that Earth is a sphere with a radius of 3959 miles, or that Earth spins at nearly 1000 miles per hour, or that it tilts some 23 degrees twice each year. BUT to do any one of them requires a little time and attention, and of course an admission that maybe you've been lied to? 

The Bible Bet has been designed to save you the time and trouble of performing any one of these many experiments, and to avoid any arguments with anyone, and instead go straight to the source.

We will bring to your attention a single engineering term that provides irrefutable evidence that the entire Earth and all of the water is assumed and measured as level for all construction projects of all sizes. Never is a single inch of curvature allocated in the survey and construction of any building or bridge, any railway or highway, or any pipeline or canal , not ever. These TWO simple and plane WORDS are easily 
digested and logical. And most importantly, they can corroborated by a trained professional, a judge and jury you can TRUST and that is sworn to tell the truth! 

Finally, the evidence can be verified and proven as fact with ONE 5 minute phone call. 

So if you're a scientist, an engineer, a university professor, a meteorologist, a TV weatherman, or even a church pastor that is still curious how the sea can be level and curved simultaneously (it's not), we invite you to play along, subscribe to the smoking gun evidence the Earth is actually flat. 
So are you ready to risk $20 for the TRUTH?  
Instructions here

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